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(no subject)
Someone needs to run rdate on my alarm clock.

So, Paul said "What time is it?" and I looked and it was 1:44. ANd then they said "Now look at your clock" and it was an hour later. I asked them why they had changed my clock the wrong way, then realized that my computer had just automatically changed the time and the clock didn't.

"When does kate work?"
"At 3."
"Ah, but does she work at 3 or 3?"

Damn time changes.

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haha, I live in Indiana and we don't need to worry about time changes. *points and laughs*

Haha, I live in Illinois and don't need to worry about silly things like living in Indiana. :)

Seriously. I'd much rather live in a corn state and change clocks than in Indiana and not. ;)

I have yet to figure out how to change the time on my cell phone. You'd think that since it changes time on its own when crossing time zones, that it would have no problem with a little thing like Daylight Savings Time.

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