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On the road again...

I'm now on my way to great america. It is far too early, especially since i went to bed at 3 am. However, i had lots of fun last night with kerme0343 and siren52684. has pics... It was fun. Life liberty and the pursuit of something.

Zack is in town, speaking at reflections projections, so neil hung with him last night. I also watched the emperor's new groove before attacking allen. Oh! And law and silent bob strike back, which was way dummies than i expected it to be. Lots of funny stuff. And hot chicks. Great flick.

Allie-thing, who i don't think i've written about much, is in iowa this weekend, and a lot of my other friends are at home. This is part of the reason i hung at allen, with the other parts being that i was feeling lazy and that i was sleepy.

I have three midterms on moday and tues, that i will study for in a bit.

I want to write mplayer support for bemused. That'd be cool.

This whole post was typed and posted on a nokia 3650. And you thought *you* were geeky. -lac7826,cid17061

i'll be good around 1am central. Until then, 217721 4621 or crschmidtmobile.
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