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So much to say...
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.

ndrumm really did say it best (minus the sleep):

I have plenty to say but no time to think it all out and write.

Class today, CS homework that I didn't realize I had (shitshitshit) ECE lab and prelab (mostly done, thanks to bubble tea studying). Midterms week starts in full force next monday. So, if don't hear from me, I'm not dead.

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:kiss: I understand. I'll talk to you when you're around, but you're under no pressure from me to call every night or be around a lot. E-mail me whenever you can, and that'll do until the hell of midterms ends.

Love you.

plenty to say about what? (confused)

Life, the Universe, and Everything.


Yay for bubble tea! I spent four hours doing TAM homework with Thai iced tea yesterday. ^.^

Now *I'm* singing so much to say. :P

And there's me with no lesson first thing thursday (no teacher), and the whole of friday off (majority of people from maths and physics on trip to Thorpe Park, and there's nothing much worth doing in chemistry with only three people).

Don't worry, it's only a two and a half months to Christmass!

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