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naim // cell // night // ndrumm
So, I accidentally killed X today, and my roomate looked over and realized that my screen name was still on, and said "Hey. You're still online." Upon being informed that my aim client runs in screen, and therefore simply detached itself when the controlling terminal died, he decided that he now has a desire to run naim.

Allie, this is all your fault, and I hope you realize it.

I like having my cell phone back. I missed being able to walk around with a phone and talk, which is what I did tonight.


The cold was just enough that it nipped at my cheeks as I walked along, head buried into my black hoodie, merging into the night. The stars were out, and as I looked up, I noticed Cassiopia directly above me.

I strolled through patches of light and dark, quietly making my way northward, wandering almost aimlessly, but at the same time with a purpose. However, the stealth of my movement was ruined by my conversation... I felt as if I was filling the void in the darkness, but at the same time, taking a certain serenity from the air around me with it, replacing it with the brash tones of conversation.

I feel the wind and hear it as it rustle the leaves, and I pull the hood closer around me, protecting myself.

I feel the night around me. I feel it's presence, as much as I would feel the presence of another person. Upset at being intruded by someone so insignificant as me, but at the same time understanding, as it always is - the night, in a place like this, is never left undisrupted for long.

I experienced serenity. The night brought it to me.


ndrumm is my roomate. I just paid for his account, so he's even got S2 comment pages now. Jess's best description pretty much fits: "Like a stoner, only he doesn't smoke." Additionaly, she adds that "Trying to have a linear conversation with him is utterly pointless."

Jess always did have a penchant for words that I never could pick up on.

There's more I could write, but I think I want this to be public, and nothing else that I could write in here would allow me to keep it that way.

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I got off work, talked to jess for an hour and a half or so, came back, got a call from another friend, just got off with him after talking for a half hour or so.

I think I'll skip sleep tonight. I can do that tomorrow, right?

I just paid for his account, so he's even got S2 comment pages now.

wait, do S2 comment pages only work for paid users? That would explain the evilness of my test journal...

and yes, I know I should just go read the FAQ. bleah.

At least in most styles, yeah, it's paid only.

You've just summed up the reasons why I switched from naim to aim. I used it for a long time, but when I close the program without signing off I don't like people being able to message me, and me having no way of closing out of the program. heh. But I liked that i had it skinned the same way i have mozilla. so it's pretty and wooden.

Your interlude is pretty. Descriptive, I can see it happen.

naim... sknined?

Naim is a text-only client...
Not sure which one you're thinking of...

Netscape aol instant messenger :p


No, but it's your fault that I know that naim is god.

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