Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

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Dear LiveJournal friends,

A few of you may notice over the next while that you have been dropped from my friends list. It's not because I hate you, don't want you reading my stuff, or because you have made me upset in any way.

Because I'm upset at the way my friends list seems to have just become a conglomeration of people who want to be on it, I'm going to be getting rid of people I don't read. If I skip over an entry, I will check the journal from now on. If I find that I've skipped a majority of the recent posts, I will most likely remove you from my friends list.

I am sorry if this offends you or upsets you, but in the past I have attempted to drop people in a variety of ways, but have not really ever succeeded. This way, I feel fair - if I'm skimming past most of your posts, then it's not really fair to you to keep you there.

For the majority of you, this most likely won't apply. I read almost every post on my friends page, and even when I skip some I will go back every few days and catch up.

I will always skip friday fives. This is a fact of life.
I will usually skip entries contianing mostly quizzes.
I don't read surveys.

So, if you get dropped, I'm sorry, but I just wasn't reading your entries. When I find I'm skimming a lot of my friends page, I do this. Sorry if it offends you, but hell, this is still my journal, and I'm the boss.

Christopher Robert Schmidt
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