Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


So, I got my phone back.

Yay! you might think. Only three months after he originally ordered it, he got it back!

Well, not quite

See, there's this really important part to most GSM phones - the SIM card. It's how you're identified on the T-mobile network, so you can't start up your phone without it. You have to have it in to do anything.

Amazon told me to leave the SIM and memory card in when shipping to Nokia. So I did. Upon the return of my phone, I found out it was the wrong answer - no SIM, no memory card.

Called 1-888-Nokia-2-U. They told me that SIM and memory cards are shipped via US mail, rather than airborne, and not with the phone, for security reasons. So, they should be showing up by Thursday at the latest.


Luckily, neil is a geek. He has a SIM card reader in his computer, so he had a SIM card from a friend. It's got no service, but it is T-mobile, so I didn't even have to unlock the phone. Other than the fact that it says "Sim Registration failed" every time I go back to the main screen.

So, my phone is not online or callable... yet. However, it works, mostly, and so I can at least use it as a toy. That's a start.

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