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Is it so wrong to just want to be left alone to cry?

Look, I'm being an angsty teen! yay!

Don't stop by. Please. Comment, if you want, but don't stop by and try to cheer me up. It won't work, and I'll just feel worse for that.

I miss Jess.

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I'm lonely for you too. :hug:

At least now we know the next time we get to see each other. :sigh: admittedly, it's like another 6 weeks or so, but we have a date we can look forward to.

:kiss: I love you.

not at all.

just like it's not wrong to want to be left alone. (like i am right now)

yeah, you'd better get the rest of that angsty teen stuff in! you don't have much longer. ;)

feel better. =)

There's nothing wrong with wanting time alone. I just had a bad week...I'm sorry if I made you feel worse. But you shouldn't feel bad because we try to change how you feel...futile that we know it is. I know I haven't improved anything...just made things worse...I've just had a bad week...

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