Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


My phone is coming back. It's shipping out today via Airborne Express.

In just a few days, I will once again have wireless internet, wireless access. I will be able to check my webcam from my phone. I will be able to look up numbers from my phone. I will be able to stay at Grainger and do homework, because I won't need to be sitting in front of a computer to stay connected.

A large part of why I'm always online is I never want to miss anything. I'm always in my room because that's the best way to keep up with everyone. If I set up my phone to keep me connected... well, it will be a great way for me to stay connected to the people that I like to stay connected with while at the same time allowing me to get out of my room, which in the past were mutually exclusive.

I'll probably set up peanut as an imap server, so I can still leave fetchmail running but get my mail to my phone anyway.

I'm just so happy to be getting that phone back. It's been gone for so friggin long. It'll be nice to feel connected again.

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