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Update on the status of jess.
Classes this morning were a breeze. I think this is the first time I actually stayed awake for most of ECE 205 and got some decent notes, and Geog 101 was working on some mapping excercise that I finished in 15 minutes and spent the next 20 writing the paper about, which is almost done as well.

Jess is feeling a lot better, empirically, so I'm not nearly as worried about her. apparently it tends to come more in the nights than in the days (something I understand - my allergies and asthma are always the worst when I just wake up) so I'm not going to drag her to the hospital yet. If she starts hacking up a lung again tonight though, I may take her.

She's off taking a shower right now. So far, Laura and Neil have met her, and that's about it - she was tired last night and ended up taking enough drugs to knock her out for 6 hours apiece: twice. So, for the first time since, according to her, she was a teenager (wait a second - that was just 2 years ago!) she actually got a full 12 hours of sleep.

It's so nice to have her here, but I really want her to meet my friends, too. I'd kind of forgotten a little bit of how... opinionated? she is. Just completely says whatever is on her mind, and I love it, because I just smile because I know her well enough to know when she's kidding, but other people just gasp or stare or whatever.

I think we're probably going to run out to get some food and to a grocery store. Hopefully we'll be hanging out with newperspectives and juniperesque saturday afternoon/evening, although I'm not sure on any specifics on that yet.

Anyway, just a quick update while jess showers. I'll catch ya'll later

Oh, and a very hearty "Avast ye!" to jennyrhill in honor of her birthday, aka National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

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I'm glad to hear she's feeling better. If she relapses and needs a ride to the hospital, don't hesitate to call.

Glad to hear that Jess is feeling better now. :)

I've got plans at 8:00 Saturday night. So anything up until then, I'm totally free.

Of course, tonight I'm also free.

glad things are going well now :)

and not to be annoying, but have you guys figured out anything about where to meet on sunday? im asking now because im going to be gone most of today and tomorrow either working or cleaning house, so i dont know when ill be around online, and also, carrie asked as well because she hasnt heard anything (she said once we pick something, just to email her with the info.) i belive that she also said she would take a train and end up at union station, so that almost seems the place to meet up at for starters.

(Deleted comment)
It's not that you need to worry about sex occurring so much as you need to understand that you knock and give us a couple of minutes to . . . compose ourselves. ;)

:hug: See you soon.

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