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Update on the status of jess.

Classes this morning were a breeze. I think this is the first time I actually stayed awake for most of ECE 205 and got some decent notes, and Geog 101 was working on some mapping excercise that I finished in 15 minutes and spent the next 20 writing the paper about, which is almost done as well.

Jess is feeling a lot better, empirically, so I'm not nearly as worried about her. apparently it tends to come more in the nights than in the days (something I understand - my allergies and asthma are always the worst when I just wake up) so I'm not going to drag her to the hospital yet. If she starts hacking up a lung again tonight though, I may take her.

She's off taking a shower right now. So far, Laura and Neil have met her, and that's about it - she was tired last night and ended up taking enough drugs to knock her out for 6 hours apiece: twice. So, for the first time since, according to her, she was a teenager (wait a second - that was just 2 years ago!) she actually got a full 12 hours of sleep.

It's so nice to have her here, but I really want her to meet my friends, too. I'd kind of forgotten a little bit of how... opinionated? she is. Just completely says whatever is on her mind, and I love it, because I just smile because I know her well enough to know when she's kidding, but other people just gasp or stare or whatever.

I think we're probably going to run out to get some food and to a grocery store. Hopefully we'll be hanging out with newperspectives and juniperesque saturday afternoon/evening, although I'm not sure on any specifics on that yet.

Anyway, just a quick update while jess showers. I'll catch ya'll later

Oh, and a very hearty "Avast ye!" to jennyrhill in honor of her birthday, aka National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

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