Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Note to all those who might have any need to care:

If you attend a party that I attend as well, regardless of whether you expect me to be there, be prepared for the fact that LiveJournal will be brought up as a topic.

ryanbyers can confirm this fact, if anyone wishes to question it, but truly, there is no reason to.

Of course, this might happen simply because my entire group of friends is from LiveJournal.

Anyway, last night was newperspectives's birthday, which was held at her parents house. In attendance were such notables as: the aforementioned ryanbyers, juniperesque, zorbtrauts, lovenmitt (along with Olga and Eric, neither of whom will get LiveJournals), paranormaloid and others who are less exhibitionistic (adj : compulsively attracting attention to yourself especially by boasting or exaggerated behavior): Robbie, boyfriend of Cari, Enis, Dymti (I'm butchering that, but he doesn't have an lj, so someone can correct me before he sees it?), Mia, Katie (who I recognized at first, but didn't remember. I asked her where I had seen her, and she mentioned that I had met her the night I was in a drunken stupor. Which would explain the trouble I had remembering where I had met her :)), and many others that I do not remember the names of.

I discovered the joy that is watching a group of 15 people play apples to apples, learned that Robbie's dad was my physics professor, and discussed the relative merits of the No Child Left Behind law. It was decided that parties use a decidedly altered form of Godwin's law. (Vered, are you SURE that's pronounced Good-win?) It involves a more broad topic selection: Not just Hitler and Nazis, but LiveJournal as well. However, because of the crowd I spend time with, discussions never really end, just drift away.

I had fun. I was gone for 6 hours and rode my bike home in the rain and I loved it.

I suppose I should do homework today.

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