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Dvorak v. Qwerty
So, earlier today, I was cleaning off my keyboard, which neccesitated
taking all my keys off the keyboard.

I was about to put them back on, when I decided - hey, why not mess with
people's minds? I don't need to look at the keys.

I mentioned this aloud, and Neil responded that I should switch them to
dvorak layout. Being the sadistic person I am, I did. So, now my
keyboard, instead of starting in the upper left with qwerty, starts with

The funniest part of this was earlier tonight. Paul is used to typing on
Dvorak layout, and was trying to use my keyboard to check something on
his machine, or try something out, I'm not quite sure. In any case, he
sat down, and tried to figure out how to use it - and got utterly

Knowing that he has a part of his bashrc script that manages such things
for him, he attempted to login to his machine. However, since all the
keys are in the wrong place, he had a lot of trouble typing in:

ssh enyalios@enyalios.yi.org

and entering his password.

In dvorak, hitting those same locations would result in:

ood .bfancro@.bfancrovfcvrpi

As you can see, they are significantly different.

Paul was slightly off tonight. He claims he wasn't drunk, but he was
slurring his words to hell, and he had a lot of trouble with that.

It was just amusing ;)

I told Jess I was going to bed an hour ago. Stopped by the bathroom and
got dragged down to hang out with a desk clerk for an hour. I'm back
now, and it's time to sleeeeep.

G'night, world.

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Wait, so you put the keys where dvorak keys are but left the computer thinking it's qwerty?

geek. ;)

Yep! Although now I made it easy to switch -

Just type the first four letters of the home row. If it's asdf, it turns it to dvorak, if it's aoeu, turn it back to qwerty.

saves a lot of hassle in switchinb back and forth.

like i said, geek. ;)

but as you probably know, i mean geek in a good way! ^_^

Yah, I am, and I know it. But that's part of the fun of being me - I get to be a geek :)

I love him too. He's fun to love. :)

Hey, I am?

Why didn't someone tell me this before?

:kiss: Love you, babe.

*snickers* no one's ever told you that. nope.

Maryam, you're wonderful and amazing. You're intelligent, independent, interesting, and fun.

I love you too, babe. Keep your chin up - let everyone in the world see that smile.

I touch-type too, and once when I was living in a room with lots of other people, people kept stealing my computer even though I asked them not to. I pried off all my keycaps and replaced them backwards -- instead of the left side of home row being asdf, it was '';lk. I moved one or two keys around so that the little bumps were in the right place, since that's how I tell if I'm in the right spot, but other than that, it was a perfect mirror image.

People stopped using my computer after that. I was the only one who could touch-type who lived there. :)

Yeah, being able to touch type is so helpful ;)

Moses came in today, sat down at the keyboard and said "What the FUCK?"

Between that and neil's happy hacking keyboard (no num lock, no fkeys, no caps lock, etc.) we have quite the room of keyboards ;)

But yeah, Dvorak is the way to be! Just keep typing in qwerty, and no one will ever know :)

HAHAHA, have I declared my love for you yet today?

ah, I want to do that! not to get people away from my computer but just because =P
I'm paranoid about doing stuff to my new stuff though so I think I may experiment with one of my old keyboards when I get around to getting it from home.

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