Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


So, I turned off X last night so that I could have things compiling faster, and for the time being, I've decided just to stay in my virtual consoles while things compile.

There's a new updated version of KDE out, and because of that, there's 17 packages that need emerging to go along with it. Quite a pain in the ass.

I haven't updated for a while, something I just remembered, so I'll give you a quick rundown of the week I had:

Tuesday wasn't bad. Went to physics for the first time, I think I'll like it. Much better than Physics 112. Have gone to ECE 205 a couple times and done one of the homeworks: with Neil's help, I think I can get through that without too many problems, but I'm definitely glad he's living here. Already I understand some of the 112 concepts better than I did before.

Wednesday, same old same old - nothing special. Worked tuesday night, worked thursday night. My week hasn't really been all that interesting.

I'm really liking the whole "get out of class by 10 on friday" thing though. It just gives me an almost 3 day weekend every week. Also, a couple days a week my schedule has it so that I'm actually done with class before my roomate even wakes up: this just amuses me. I love just watching him wake up and knowing he has 4 hours of classes... and I'm done. It's so nice ;)

Went to the first U of I volleyball game tonight. Was thinking about going paintballing this morning, but all I had was travellers checks and it was going to be about 30-40 dollars :( So, I'll just have to go some other time.


They're playing Cube tonight in DCL! This means that I can finally sit around with a bunch of geeks, mostly males, and watch a really creepy movie that I've been wanting to see again for ages! lonelyemokid and fracturedfaerie and I watched it almost 2 years ago now, adn I haven't seen it since - most video stores don't rent it, as it's a rather unpopular import.

Annnyway. That's my plan for tonight. College is working out really nicely - my roomate is cool, the people are cool, classes aren't too bad. Got to start doing some more homework and not playing with the computer so much, but what else is new?

This message has been typed in VIM from the command line and posted by logjam. How cool is that?
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