Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

So, this is logjam...

I need to set up KDE so it looks way more futuristic. (Like the knoppix install I used). This is just pathetic: it reminds me far too much of XP.

I'm in linux. Finally.

I'm failing at mounting my /mnt/media hd (/dev/hdb1 - i have no problems reading it as root, but don't know how to mount it so that my logged in user can read it).

I'm learning quickly how to get things installed and set up.

I've recompiled my kernel 5 times.

I think, last night, had I been playing the "Linux Kernel Compiling Drinking game" (made up by my roomate last year while installing gentoo) I would have lost badly. I was bad enough by the end of last night WITHOUT alcohol.

I'm buying books from a bunch of people today - need to make a list and print that and all.

I like linux. Sherm gives me 3 weeks til I switch back. I'm determined to prove him wrong.

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