Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Updating to Linux

So, I've finally taken the plunge. I'm moving to Linux.

This was a plan of mine. I was planning, later this week, to update to some form of gentoo. I was working to copy over my old files, export my mail, get everything back that I might need on extra hard drives that would not be affected by my linux install. I had been working all day to do that - copying over files, etc. and windows was decidely unstable (So what else is new?)

My big mistake at this point was to decide to restart. I had deleted a bunch of files from C:\, and when I attempted to restart, I found that one of them was required - ntdlr. The machine refused to start, even to the point of giving me a c:\ prompt to work from so I could copy files.


So, I asked neil if he had any kind of boot floppies. He handed me a Knoppix 3.1 CD and told me to boot from CD.

It was so cool. I put it in, it booted up (the most colorful linux boot ever) and I was in linux. Running kde on Knoppix with every application you might need.

I eventually figured out how to copy files, and attempted to copy back ntdlr. "Unable to write: readonly file system."

Oh right, Neil responded. NTFS is read-only.

So, I looked for a windows boot floppy. Well, they're all Windows self-extracting things. Windows. As in that program that I can't get into which is why I want a boot floppy. Smart.

So, I decided to give up on Windows. I'm now in Linux, while gentoo compiles my kernel, writing in Links on the web client. Currently, genkernel is Running "make modules".

I will soon be a true geek.

Anyway, just wanted to give you all a status update. I'm attempting to emerge BitchX asap, but that's step 25, and I'm only on 16. ;)

While I wait for my kernel to compile, I'm going to go watch boondock saints with some friends for a bit, then come back later and finish this.

I'm hungry. anyone got any pizza?
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