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Asthma sucks.

I was in my room tonight, and I couldn't breathe very well. It happens occasionally, especially in fall. Normally, I'd just take my inhaler and be fine again, not have to worry about it. Unfortunately, I haven't been over to McKinley yet to get that perscription filled, so I was stuck without one.

I couldn't sleep, even laying down. I eventually called the nurse hotline and got told to go in first thing in the morning.

Which means I'm stuck not being able to breathe til then.

So, I come downstairs and come to the computer lab. Sitting in here for 30 minutes, my breathing is back to normal. As soon as I get on the third floor, I'm starting to get short of breathe again, and within 5 minutes, it was just as bad as before.

It's most likely just a high pollen count today, but the fact that it happened as I got up to third floor means that I couldn't get back to my bed to sleep.

I'm going to go try and crash on one of the allen Couches now. It's not perfect, but it'll have to do.

At least I can breathe well here. It could be worse.

Asthma sucks.

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thinking of you, I grew up with asthma and it totally sux :-( My biggest fear is that Tyler will get it :-(

Sending some positive breathing vibes your way!

(Deleted comment)
I would think that, but it's really just allergents that occasionally cause it. It was bad yesterday, but I'm fine today: haven't used it at all. So, it just has to do with the air and what's in it for the day.

We still have your inhaler and watch in Mark's car...do you want them?

Heh, I had forgotten about that.

If you guys could send them out, that'd be great.

urh allen 355
1005 w gregory dr
urbana, il 61801-3887

Don't worry too much about it though - I've had a perscription at the pharmacy here I needed to pick up a couple days ago, I just didn't. And since it's not 24/7, I got screwed over for it. My own stupidity. I've gone over there and gotten the stuff now, just needed to get off my lazy ass.

I'll pay you guys back for any shipping costs you incur. Scouts honor :)

I crashed on the Allen couches many a night, and I lived on Ground South! Tis a fine option.

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