Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Skeleton Danse

So, tonight was Skelton Danse, the local Goth-Industrial dance night that takes place once a month at the Channing-Murray Foundation in Urbana.

Let me just start out by saying that was the most fun I've had in a long long long time.

Vered (juniperesque) has been trying to drag me to Skeleton Danse since April or so. I finally got out there, with some help from some friends.

I picked up some clothes at the YMCA dump and run sale that would have worked: black jeans and a black button down shirt that fit nicely, and would have done well in the crowd I was in. However, Kilannin (kerme0343) saw me and declared that I needed to be more... gothy, I guess? Less dressy, in any case. So, she helped me out. I have some pictures up in my room of what I looked like, I'll dump them somewhere once I get back up there.

I wore some nice "bondage" pants - the kind that have laces up the back. I wore my black "stompy" shoes (Sketchers) and black socks, and a white t-shirt with a nintendo controller on it and the words "Know your roots". (That shirt got so many compliments during the evening that I definitely want one now. :P) I felt... I don't know. It was interesting to be in that kind of clothing, because I never had before, and it earned me some looks. However, it was really comfortable, and Christy (littledownpour) and I decided we definitely need to go shopping for more stuff like what we wore.

I got there about 8-8:15 with Vered and Stuart (zorbtrauts). A couple people were about, but it was mostly still empty. Once 3 people got on the dance floor, I was brave enough to wander up there and start dancing.

It was so fun. A variety of music that changed throughout the night, accompanied by some really incredible dancers and some really incredible outfits. I got to meet a ton of people - everyone from Jen to Carolyn to Colleen (I'm not sure howshe spells it: it was pronounced "Coh-lean") to Adin (think odin with an a) to Christina (Kristina? Didn't think to ask.) to Jessie to David to Seth and more. They were all very gothy: from rennisance looking skirts to metal protruding from many parts of their bodies, it was a very different crowd than I normally hang out.

In standing outside cooling off, I decided I'd rather be one of the "freaks" being looked at by passing by bar-goers than to be one of the bargoers. I like being the center of attention far too much, I'm afraid.

A bunch of 2nd floor showed up around 9ish, including Caitlin (evilkat84), Christy, Meg (the 2S RA) and a couple others I didn't get the name of.

All in all, it was a really fun experience. I got to meet a lot of people, see a lot of cool things, and I got to have a ton of fun dancing.

It just doesn't get better than that after a hard week of work and school.

Thanks to all those who helped me get out of my dorm room :)
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