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URHnet/PCC/Nettech rambling.

5Gods, I'm tired.

(I sound like Jess. I would never pluralize that word before, and now I am. I wonder what that means.)

So, all the internet ports that had not yet been used were turned off around 3pm on Friday. every room that has a Windows NT based PC needs us to look at it, scan for virii, and patch it. Until we do that, their internet remains off.

We've been working for 2 days, with most people putting in extra hours (I've worked 2 12 hour days in a row) and 25% of the ports are now on.

25%. That's it. That means that starting today (as a bunch more people move in) we will have 75% of the internet ports in the rooms to still turn on.

It's insane. It's insane insane insane. It means that we have about 6000 computers we have to spend 30 minutes (minimum) apiece working on. It means we have 6 people in Allen hall who still need to get 35% of the rooms turned back on.

"Hi, I'm Chris Schmidt, site manager for Allen Hall, and I've taken on a bunch of responsibilities in getting this mess cleaned up that no one else would."

Most of second an third floor south ends have been cleaned, most of first floor seems to be done, most of ground south is done. 4th floor doesn't look like it's been touched.

This means that we've got a big job ahead of us over the next few days.

Anyway, I'm going to pull another 12 hour shift today, most likely, and possibly another tomorrow, depending on how completely and totally exhausted I am. Working half the day takes a lot out of you, and leaves the rest of your life somewhat in shambles. I think I forgot to shower the last two days. In fact, taking a big whiff of myself, i know i forgot to. Make sure I remember to do that, self.

The most annoying ones are the geek boys:

"I put my name on the list 3 hours ago, you guys still haven't been by."

"Well, here's the list. There's 18 people ahead of you. It takes about an hour apiece, and there's no one working on your floor right now. If it's not on by wednesday, stop by and let someone know."

Seriously, it could take that long to get stuff set up. We can't hit everyone in order, because half the time the people are out. Last night I went to 12 rooms in a row that had no one in them.

So, for those of you are trying to get ahold of me, just chill out, I'll get to you as soon as I can. I'm sorry for the busy-ness.

I'm gonig to try and take the day off on Tuesday. Email to my if you need me.

I'm so tired.
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