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CITES // Birthday

I appreciate your warning time with letting us know the internet is going to be down. Really. I mean, putting a notice on the status page yesterday about how the internet is just going to go down for everyone is really great.

Except not.

It's not enough damnit, and you knew that when you did it. Don't try to pretend you didn't. You KNEW and you did it anyway, because there wouldn't be many people on campus.

Yeah, it's from 5:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the morning. Yeah, most people shouldn't be up then anyway. Yeah, I'm complaining when I really shouldn't be.

But it's annoying.


On a much happier note, happy birthday to chemicallace. I hope your day brings you all the happiness and joy you deserve from it.

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Yeah, you should have been alseep :-P

Thank you :-)

Better now than next week. I've already had my issues with CITES for this week. If they were doing things next week, I'd probably explode.

5:30 - 7:30 on a campus?

Are they nuts?

That's prime prep time for early AM classes (for the professors, not the students).

Actually, as I recall from my university days, for a student, 6 a.m. is prime bullshit-adding time when you realize that the paper you've written overnight has a required length of 25 pages and you've only filled 18. You need the Internet for that because that 9 a.m. deadline approacheth.

(Deleted comment)
I'd gladly pay $100 for a decent connection. Hell, if need be, I'd pay $100 a month for the room, if I could use it how I wanted to (even with the rate limiting).

I have no problem paying for good service. However, since there is no other option (DSL can't be installed on uni phone lines, cable can't come in on uni cable lines) we're stuck in a monopoly that gives us fairly consistent bad service and does its best to get away with providing shitty connections whenever possible.

If there's going to be downtime, the users of the service should always be notified. This time it was planned, so it was on status, I had just missed it, which was my fault, however, they chose a pretty piss-poor time to do it. Based on past experience, lowest traffic is about 2 hours before they started, which means that they could have done a better job of it.

Until I have another option, I'll continue to bitch about service that I'm not allowed to expect to be good.

Don't they have something like the demon_announce mailing list that you can subscribe to? Demon are usually pretty good - stuff is announced a couple of days before it happens.

We have a status webpage, but there's no option for email updates. I'm hoping to parse it for an lj update - i look at my friends page far more than the status page.

would it be possible...

...to create a feed for the duplex?
it would be very much appreciated :)

hi there, i'm the "real livejournal user" in 215. Caitlin, to be exact. nice to meet you. ;)

Well, real means not deadjournal, not insanejournal, and most notably, not plogs.net, the clone i run for business use and professional bloggers.

Hi. I'm chris.
i've worked 24 hours out of the last 48.

Kill me now. at least you had a mac.

/me laughs.

It's sad that now you appreciate Mac users.


Love you, hon. And I promise, though I can't be there at the moment, that I'll give you the neck massage (and, well, other things) that you sorely deserve at the moment.

mac users are just that much cooler than everyone else. :p

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