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(no subject)
So, there's a person here who has a livejournal. She's right over there, writing in it right now. She uses punkin-elephant with sidecar (or whatever rho calls it).

I kind of want to know a username, just because that's the kind of LiveJournal addict I am.

Training is going fine. Boring for the most part. Need to relocate.

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rho calls it Pungent Elephant with Sidecar.

And you ought to. LiveJournal's been your sole source of sex for . . . I'd say the last few months except it's kind of your sole source of sex for forever. It's a good omen. ;)

:kiss: love you. and all that.

pungent elephant with sidecar. Maybe walk up to her and say "hai I'm kerr-shmitt, what's your username?"

Bunnehed you. :) Beat you with "pungent elephant with sidecar" by one minute neener neener.

yes. you is quite teh beunneh.

Wait til she updates, pray it's not Friends only and check the "Latest post" thing like crazy? That's what I'd do. But then I'm scary like that.

Ooh, Kama teh stalker.

/me hides.

(Deleted comment)
I R teh sneaky!

/me Spr0ts back and violates validates.

Punkin made me think pumpkin.

Even thought that was wrong. It should be pumpkin elephant with sidecar.


I want pumpkin pie now.

I don't even like pumpkin pie. but seeing that made me want it.

Just walk up to her and ask.

Look at the web browser history on her computer to find out her username.

History is erased as part of the log out script.

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