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Home again
I'm home. I'm mostly caught up on email, I'm not even going to try on friends pages, I'm caught up on comments, writing is horribly lagged, I have a shitload of unpacking/cleaning/packing to do, and I miss my girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to being back to school (I'll be there tuesday afternoon, for those of you who are interested in saying hi. Allen 355.

I'm so not prepared for this.

I love this song. It's entirely too short.

If you want me to catch up on your journal specifically for some reason, comment. I'll do it when I get back to school.

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I'm just commenting because I can.


Welcome home for a day.

The P2P assholes are now telling me I look like a baboon. *whinewhine*

...Hey, I thought you went to bed!


talk view doesn't show the currents. so i don't remember what song that was. and i'm too lazy to check.

335? okay. i'm going to send you something at some point this year. because i say so. yes. and because sending things is fun. i just sent quack socks. they say, "i'm quacked about ireland." yes.


why did i make this comment?

because i did! i like comments. comment comment comment.


i'm going to go comment somewhere else now.

*scoots off*

I talked to jess for 2 hours, now I don't feel tired and both trillian and aim have crashed.

355, not 335.

It's the Eiffel 65 v. Britney Spears remix.


Damn AIM and Trillian! Or I'd talk to you, waah. Talking is fuun

335. Damn repetitive numbers. =)

*scoots off to listen*

You didn't say comment with enough enthusiasm!



Think of it this way. Very few people will ever attempt to take off for a month and take a trip like you did. I've never done it and never will (why not? kids + money) but you got to have a really interesting kickass experience.

(And no, I don't mean two chicks at the same time specifically, I was thinking more the whole driving cross country thing. :P)

Love you.

Crap, I move in on Thursday. And work the next two days. I don't want to move in...

Nothing on my journal itself, but there's a thing or two I wanted to ask you about regarding my style. No rush. :)

As soon as I get back to school, I'll have oodles of fast internet time to work on it. This whole "living at home with parents bitching every five minutes" is annoying ;)

It's cool. When I see you announce yourself as back at school, I'll IM you, k? :)

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