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Heading down to Boston soon. Meeting telepwen for lunch, then finding ursamajor at South Station and heading down to Providence to meet up with ratkrycek and bobert225.

It seems that hill_the_khore isn't going to make it.

chemicallace is meeting us in Nashua or something tomorrow. I'll make plans for that when I get home. Loki, be around :P

That's all for now. More Seattle entries when I get tired of what I'm doing here.

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I happened upon your crschmidt-lastn-76081 style and I was wondering if it would be possible to use that as a base upon which to make my own?

I would credit you on the page if you wish.

If I'm not on the computer, give my cell phone a call.

*envies sex life and hopes you guys had a good time today*

Ok, I'm heading into Boston soon. I'm shooting for being in Nashua around 12:30 or 1:00 PM. I'll call you when we leave for the final shot up I-95 and route 3.

Hey Chris just adding random support people again. Catch you later. :)

BTW, if you pass through Indianapolis or Louisville on your way home and want to meet one more person from support, let me know. ;)

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