Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Saturday Day

Doug came over on Saturday, getting there around 11. I had finally gotten service on my phone, so we spent some time playing with that - sending contact info to each other via bluetooth, having him get online via bluetooth, etc. He also got online via my phone - something I was never able to get to work properly in my efforts, sadly. We didn't really do much, just hanging out around the house. We eventually went out to CostCo to get some stuff, including pizza for dinner. Costco is good food. It's kind of like Sam's Club - membership needed, etc. They had the best Berry Smoothies there. After that, we took a picture with all of us and the "Jack" sign we made, and Doug took off. We came back, and just bummed around. It was a very dull day - we were going to go downtown, but Sea Fair was having a huge parade, which made it hugely impossible to even think about doing anything downtown. Instead, we just bummed around, then went out to Issaquah for food.

After that, Mark and Janine went to hang out with friends of theirs. We met up with Sherm, Mark, Janine and their friends, plus Tenshi and Melissa and Karl and I, at Red Robin around midnight-ish for desert. I consumed an entire Chocolate Shake in the time it took everyone to get served. Melissa created Onion Man - the walking stand of Onion Rings, who later aquired a battle knife, and had to be dressed in a napkin once his onion rings were taken away.

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