July 6th, 2015


schedule changes are hard

Going from spending two weeks on vacation, where I was regularly staying up until 12:30 or 1, to being not on vacation *and* needing to get my child up at 6:30 so she can go to her summer program, is a hard transition.

While I've been on vacation, I've usually been waking up around 8... then dozing back off, then waking back up... etc. etc. In short, I've been a lazy bum. That doesn't work so well when you have a child you need to have at the school by 7:50.

Anyway. Back to work today! We'll see how it goes. I did managed to line up my vacation such that my first week back is also no meetings week, which is impressive! I'm keeping my 1:1 with my boss though: between his paternity leave and my vacation, I haven't actually talked to him 1:1 in 6 weeks :)