June 18th, 2015


100 days of LJ: Day 4

In my efforts to repair our front door knob I purchased a can of WD-40. In the end, this turned out to not be a useful for the front door knob. However, this means that I could now apply lubrication to the doors in our house that have squeaky hinges. It turns out that once you have a can of WD-40… there's a lot of squeaky hinges at our house. Or rather ,there were. I was able to significantly improve the squeakiness of seven different doors in our house. Our house only has 10 doors.

This weekend we may go to a sandcastle competition, or we may go to the Greek Food Festival or maybe we'll go to neither because that's just the way we roll.

Yesterday after flying my quadcopter I broke a short cable connecting the camera to the frame. Unfortunately finding this cable in the US is actually somewhat difficult. I could find it on the website of the people who make my drone... but they're based in Hong Kong. The standard shipping takes 7 to 21 days. Express shipping is only $13 more, but an extra $13 for shipping for a $1 cable seems excessive. I took this as a sign from fate that I was meant to purchase more than $1 worth of stuff. In the end I purchased two extra sets of props, a handful of other accessories, and completed my order at 11 o'clock last night. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology my shipment should arrive at my door from Hong Kong by the end of the day tomorrow. Although almost all technology is evil and stupid, shipping logistics in the modern day are quite neat.

For long form text entry I've become convinced that I, in my old age, cannot use the Android keyboard effectively. (I’m aware that teens are ridiculously good at cell phone typing, but I never got above ~15 wpm.) Most of this text was written via Android speech to text mechanism. It's not good enough yet but it doesn't require any editing, after the fact but the number of edits I have to perform is significantly smaller than even the number I have to perform when using the keyboard. The only problem is that in order to enter text via speech to text you have to, you know, speak it. While this might be fine if I commuted via car, when my commute is walking down the streets of an urban environment it makes me seem a little bit crazy.