Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Friday Night

Since most of our party had arrived, we all walked in and took a table. Although Rock Bottom was a great place for food, it wasn't exactly the best place for business discussion - a bit too noisy. I picked up some knowledge that Brad really isn't as evil as he sometimes seems. I maintain earlier statements that I really think Brad is a great guy - he is. He's nice, friendly, helpful, and informative. You get him talking about something that he enjoys, and he just goes off on it. I've always been impressed by him as a guy, it's just that I've never been really impressed with the way he runs LiveJournal. However, it is his business, and until he screws something up that really upsets me, I'll continue to use the service, and pay for it. It's really a neat site, with a neat community I never expect any other journalling site to mirror.

We discussed a few things, including Memcache, its benefits, and some plans Brad has for LiveJournal. (However, we were only allowed to hear level 2 secrets: Level 3 secrets, like what the hell is going on with user blob stuff, is still secret to us). We worked out a deal with them: if we update docbook to include detailed information on how to maintain and set up a "livejournal" site, they'll provide us with any assistance we need with expanding in the future. By this point, we had moved out of Rock Bottom and down to the waterfront. Brad had already had a bit to drink with dinner, so it was more shooting the shit than a real business like discussion. This wasn't really a big deal though, and I've already started looking into documenting more aspects of the site and how to set things up. For example, Maintenance tasks are currently almost completely undocumented, so I'm working on describing what the included code does and how to use or improve it. Another exmaple of something that isn't really documented is how to get User account types displaying correctly.

In any case, we finished up talking to Brad, got back to Tenshi's following Karl and Melissa and Tenshi, and picked up her stuff. We then made our way back to Karl and Melissa's, set her up with the internet (also NATed through Karl and Melissa) and hung out on IRC for a while. That was the end of Friday/Monday morning. Since it was a 4 hour drive down to Portland and a 3 hour drive back, we all just kind of crashed.

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