May 5th, 2012


Shit week.

This has been an absolutely shitty week.

At lunch yesterday, I pulled out my 'brain' (a spiral notebook I carry with me pretty much everywhere) and wrote down a list of all of the things that had frustrated me that morning. I had to fill an entire page. (When I got back to the office, I ripped the page out of the notebook and tore it into tiny pieces. Sadly, it didn't have the effect I intended: I had hoped it would stop the bad things from coming, but it didn't work.)

An organization as large as the one I work in is completely unwieldy at solving problems. I really wish I could go back to an organization which was the size of MetaCarta; I think we'd be more effective at solving problems than the current organization is.

I did actually achieve something -- a new form of collecting data that we iterated on twice within our team, which I expect will help us create a better product. However, us succeeding in the goal we've been given is something that, more and more, I see as being a weird approach for the company to take at all, and I don't understand why anyone thinks it is valuable.

In short: Meh.