April 30th, 2012


Random Things That I've Done

During the summer of 2003, I spent the latter half of the summer traveling, meeting, and staying exclusively with people I had previously only met on the internet.

This included a cross-country trip -- Chicago -> Seattle -> New Hampshire -> Chicago, though the last leg was with my family -- with two people who I had never met in person before. It included staying in the home of people in Seattle who I had never met in person before, and while there, spending time with a half dozen other people who I'd never met in person before.

It included spending a week with the woman who is now my wife -- who I had met briefly (a half day) in person before, but had previously only known online, and her two kids. It included meeting another person who became a good friend for a long time while in New Hampshire. It also included meeting other people in the Boston area who I have since stayed friends with.

People who I met on this trip, include, but are not limited to:
asciident, supersat, xb95, janinedog, ursamajor, ratkrycek, tenshisama, solcita, jpallan, chemicallace (and others who either no longer have LiveJournals or I am otherwise forgetting).

Any of you who've known me for the past decade already know this -- after all, I wrote about my experiences in this very journal while it was happening. But for those of you who might have got to know me later: now you know something new. I have Driven across the country, twice, with people I didn't know before we did so, and spent 3 weeks staying with people who I had only previously met online.