Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Friday Afternoon

We left for portland around 3 with hopes to Make it out to Tenshi's and pick her up to bring her back to dinner. Sadly, the traffic from Seattle was the worst it had been in over a year - Record traffic spreading to South of Olympia, making that plan moot. Eventually, we worked out with her to take the train to dinner, and we would pick her up afterwards. We moved the reservation time back to 7:30, and we were standing outside at that time when Evan rode up his skateboard. Having never seen any pics of him, I was a bit surprised - he was taller than I expected him to be, although he did have the lanky look to him that I have come to expect of programmers. Soon after that, Brad and Brad met up with us. Brad's first comment was "Did you really have to wear the shirts?"

Karl, Janine, Mark and I were all wearing our LiveJournal shirts, Mark and I polos, the other two t-shirts. Our reply was that we didn't have to wear them, we chose to.

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