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Friday Morning
The next day, we planned to meet Brad, Brad and Evan, so we came home before midnight. We hung out on IRC together until about 3am, when we all crashed. We got up the next day around 10 or 11 and got on aim with Whitaker and Evan to make decisions for dinner plans. Brad had emailed Mark with information on what he wanted to do for dinner: Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant in Portland. After some deciding, we settled on 7:00 as a time to meet, and made reservations for 9 people: Myself, Janine, Mark, Karl, Melissa, and Tenshi, plus Brad, Brad, and Evan. (The first time we counted, we decided that it was everyone in the AIM chat plus one, so I said 8. Turned out I had forgotten Brad, who "went to town" the night before and had not yet come back. Oops.)