September 1st, 2007


Students Returning

Students are starting to come back. That's good. The town is too quiet in the summer. It also means that Julie and Ali start school soon, which is not so much good as it is relieving: trying to take care of work + home + kids + sick Jess has been stressful, especially this past couple weeks with new minions to try to manage. (It was way easier when I was the only guy in OCTO for 6 weeks or so -- I could work at home and nobody would even notice.)

Worked on OpenLayers the past couple weeks, which is good. We've got a solid basis for our next release, and it's probably got some of our most thorough engineering ever in it. We also just added another trunk committer (yay!) and I'm considering adding a second one, simply because although I think his efforts would be very minimal, I think that I could trust him to stick to the stuff he knows, and it would be nice to reduce our bus number further. (It takes a lot to become a committer in OpenLayers in part because we have such a strict process in place, and right now it's held that way more by fiat than by any actual technical or strong community rules.)

FOSS4G, conference in Victoria, BC, coming up in ~ 3 weeks. Is there anyone I should be keeping an eye out for there? (At FOSS4G, or in the neighborhood.)

I think I need to start being more locally socially active. Not quite sure what that means yet, but I'm going to make it a goal, I think.