April 18th, 2007


Life, Family

No school for the girls this week means that they've been around the house (and so have I) more than usual lately. As much as being a parent can be trying, I love having the kids around. They're noisy, rambunctious, and enjoy being kids.

I constantly come out of a work-coma to find that Alicia has been mixing some new drink -- Vampire's Blood or Witches Brew or something similar -- and left a mess all over.

Julie will inform me she did the dishes, and that she only broke two, then let me know that the cats made a mess all over the dining room. (Yesterday, in addition to knocking over a vase full of flowers, the cats also spread printer paper all over the dining room floor. Damn cats.)

I love watching them play, hearing them play, and playing with them.

It's cool to be a dad -- or whatever it is that I am.