February 11th, 2007


OpenGuides Editing

I've been working on the Freedom Trail entry on the Open Guide this morning... I was looking at the webstats last night, and realizing that all of the high-level Google hits were to pages that someone other than me had edited. That's a really cool feeling: I get a couple thousand visitors a day now, and most of the pages they're going to were community edited, which is completely in the spirit of OpenGuides, instead of the crappy way it was before, where I was the sole 'real' editor :)

I've put in some work in the technology in the past couple days to make things work more like they should: adding summary info to the page, and to the category listings, is taking advantage of information that's already available but that people didn't otherwise really see.

I also found out that the guide is the first hit for "Boston Strip Clubs" and "Boston Sex Shops", so I put some editing effort into doing something about having decent content there :)

Down a computer

Jess's keyboard stopped working -- mouse works, but keyboard just doesn't light up at all. No caps lock, keys don't do anything. So she's going to take it into the shop this afternoon. In the meantime, the kids are playing with my current one, and I'm back on the old Powerbook.

I had forgotten how narrow 1024 really is after living with the widescreen mac for so long.