July 24th, 2006


Hampton Beach

Tonight, Jess and I went out to Hampton Beach. She got a henna tattoo, we took turns taking pictures of each other with the DRebel, and I got some really nice dozen-second exposure time shots of the sky -- makes it look like it's daytime instead of night. Need to upload a bunch of them.

Took most of the pictures at the beach in B&W, since we were under a streetlight, and I could not get the white balance to go far enough to make the light come out anything other than a horrible looking orange. This might just be that the camera isn't designed to deal with shooting under such crappy light, but the black and white filter gets rid of the ugly orange and brings things back to a relatively normal looking photograph (for black and white photography).

I got the top score on Galaga, but it's no longer the 900,000+ it was last summer -- just a measly 100,000 points. Still, I did pretty well.

I talked to a couple bikers who asked how I could eat so much (after looking at the chili dog and italian sausage I had). I just explained that I'm lucky for now, and in 5 or 10 years, it's all going to catch up to me at once, and I'll be sorry, but for now, at the beach, I've just got to enjoy myself.

We stopped at La Bec Rouge and Jess got a drink. We made it home without incident.

I did not work for one minute all day. And although it means I'll have to work extra hard the next couple days, it was a nice feeling to actually put the computer down. I'm looking to doing more of that in the coming months.

I like Hampton.

More ask me anything from more than a year ago.

luxtiger -- Dear Chris, Why are you so awesome?

At the time, I don't think I was that awesome. In the year since the question was asked, I've changed a lot -- I'm no longer the same person, or even close to it, as I was when I was a peon working at wedü. I've learned to trust myself, I've learned a lot about business, and a lot about the world.

The reason that I've gotten that way is mostly due to an improved confidence level, and that improved confidence level came primarily through the last year of being told that I was really pretty great by lots of people -- Jess, Kristan, other communists... employers, coworkers, journalists. Once you're told that you're really pretty damn good enough, it starts to sink in.

Up until that point in time, my 'awesome' as you call it was mostly demonstrated in the fact that I was more nice than most other people. I've put other people first, I always have, because that's just seemed like the right thing.

Also, I'm beautiful. That helps. ;)

hampton photos

hampton beach photos are up on flickr. I like how a lot of them came out. Especially the cloud ones -- remember that the pictures were taken at 9:30 at night, when the sky was dark enough to see the big dipper.

Sleepy. Time for some harry potter then bed.