July 16th, 2006


Inconvenient Truth

Saw The Inconvenient Truth last night, which is basically a power point presentation on Global Warming in film form, by Al Gore. Thinking back to 2000, I wonder how many people, if they could be shown a short history of the Bush administration to this date, would have voted for Gore instead. How many people felt they were picking the lesser of two evils... and could they have been convinced otherwise?

The film was interesting, but not really shocking to me: there are some things that I didn't know, but largely it was convincing me of something I was already aware of. However, I wasn't aware of the level of melting of the glaciers that had occurred. Nor was I aware of the fact that they are now finding polar bears that have drowned from swimming too far and not being able to find any ice. I also didn't think about the huge effect that melting ice would have in the Arctic: because the color changes from white to dark blue as the ice melts, the water heats up much more significantly, as the suns rays are obsorbed by the water rather than reflected by the ice.

I'm more interested in "Who killed the Electric Car", though, so I'm probably going to try and get out to see that one in the near future.

For now, there is MIT swapmeet to see! I'm off to see the wizard. call at 603.264.2294 if you stop by.