June 13th, 2006



Hotel is extremely nice. Got a double, so I offered some space to a friend coming up from down near LA. Stayed up until 2:30 West Coast time to work on the MetaCarta crap. Met a lot of people who I was meaning to meet. Festivities start in about an hour and a half: I need to register, and eat breakfast, before then.

I talk at around 4:30 -- I still don't have a presentation, but I have an idea what I'm going to say. I think I'm skipping slides: maybe just one screen with the URL of the web service I'm presenting on, and some pretty pictures to go with it. Hm, I should reinstall sailing clicker...

Anyway. Going well. Met a lot of people last night. Looking forward to today. I'll probably post in the blog for the rest of my posts about the conference technical stuff (Rather than social stuff).