June 7th, 2006


goodbye, portland

Goodbye, portland. You're pretty cool, i'll come back soon, but right now i need to go home and see all my girls.
Flight from portland to jfk, leaving at midnight. See you all tomorrow.

free wifi is good

PDX: Free Wifi everywhere. PersonalTelcoProject nodes around every corner. Free Wifi at the airport.
NYC: Free wifi from JetBlue at JFK.
Boston: Free wifi *nowhere*. I swear, you can't get a free wifi spot to save your life in 90% of cambridge. There's only like two hotspots. Insanity.

How is it that towns that are the supposed source of the digital revolution are unable to create an environment where Free Wifi is the standard instead of pay wifi? Is it really so much a difference in the atmosphere between the west and east coasts that free wifi will always be the standard there, and pay wifi here (where here is home, not JFK, which is where I'm at now).

I know Cambridge is doing various things as a city, but there's still a huge number of places in Cambridge that offer wifi for pay instead of free. And I think that is just not cool. Although I'm sure it's just a business thing, but I'm tired of people only caring about the bottom line.

JFK to Boston Cursed

My JFK to Boston shuttle has been delayed from 10AM departure to 11:20AM departure.

JetBlue from JFK to Boston or reversed is cursed, I think.

Luckily, my flights to and from California are direct, so I may be able to skip this hell: not a single other JetBlue flight this morning has been delayed.

Ah well, at least I've got wifi and power.


Sure. 40 minute airtime. But we're going to be sitting in a hold for 50 minutes before we take off.


Note to self, never fly jfk to boston shuttle again.