April 12th, 2006


New toy

Friday morning, I bought a tripod off Amazon -- specifically, the Slik SDV-30 3-Way Panhead Photo/Video Tripod with Quick Release Shoe. I was hoping for something lightweight that I could carry around with me, and this was one of the three light, cheap ones I could find.

It's light, but unfortunately too bulky for me to keep in my backpack at all times. Still, it's a really good tripod, and I think I'm going to take to leaving it in the trunk of the Jetta so I can go out to places and take pictures with the tripod -- I've been wanting to do a better image of the Boston city skyline for quite a while.

Pictures of the new toy are on flickr, under the toys,tripod tags.

I also love living near a UPS hub: it makes deliveries go so much faster. I never bother paying for non-ground shipping, becuase once things ship, they get here so damn quick anyway.

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