February 7th, 2006



Last night, I fought 20 tonberries, killed the Giant Tonberry, therefore acquiring him as a GF.

I also defeated the Giant Cactuar, and in the process learned that mini-cactuars offer 20 AP Each. Squall can knock one dead in one hit, so this ended up getting me ~ 200 AP in about 5 minutes.

Earlier in the afternoon, I also killed Odin, so I will be able to obtain Gilgamesh when I head to Lunatic Pandora and take on Seifer.

At my best, I boosted Shiva to 175, Leviathan to 235, Pandemona to 210. I got Ifrit to 160. My boosting skills are at an all time high.

Diablos is now level 35, so any characters on whom his attacks work can be dead in 3 rounds max.

And no, this isn't all euphemism, nor some strange code.
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