February 5th, 2006


Junior League Ball Photos

Junior League ball was last night. Went to dinner at Loche Obre first -- very good food. Was very far out of element at dinner - Jess dropped her napkin, and a restaurant employee *put a new one one her lap for her*. Liked Craigee St. food better, but eh. It was still pretty damn good.

Junior League ball was a networking event. There were some people actually enjoying themselves, but overall, it was just lots of unhappy looking high-class dressed people. Have no problem supporting Junior League, but we didn't feel a need to stay long.

Met a guy driving the coolest cab ever. Blue florescents, little DVD player in the back seat. No clue what cab company he's from, but I hope to post some pics to b0st0n and see if anyone else has ever seen him.

Pictures below. Before, at dinner, at ball, and on the way home.

IMG 4888

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