January 9th, 2006


Bookshelf Space

Economy Hardware, in Central, has lots of incredible looking unfinished bookcases. We're probably going to be buying two this week: One to replace the one which has fallen apart in the girls' room. We'll be buying a second one - 48"Hx36"W, I think we decided - to replace the falling apart one that's currently on the second landing. 5 shelves, but short -- this will contain the "pulp" while the taller bookcase in our bedroom will contain most of the other stuff, as that one has much more space per shelf.

I'm hoping that I can go out and do this today or tomorrow, but it will depend on when I get paid. Still, I'm excited: it will be my first actual purchase of any furniture that I've had a say in with Jess. We got new bedroom funriture as a gift from her parents, but I had no say in that, and the office furniture was the same, as was the patio furniture.

I'm also looking forward to getting all these books off the floor. :p