December 26th, 2005


So This is Christmas...

  • Swimming with Cousins, morning.
  • Calling parents and informing them that we really *aren't* going to go to Chuck E Cheese for Julie's birthday, we're going to funway, and Baker's Square or someplace similar afterwards.
  • Funway from 2-4pm. It's in Batavia, anyone who's interested in coming is welcome to if you're kid friendly. (This is an open invite for friends of mine in the area: call 603.264.2294 for details.)
  • Maybe hanging out with people afterwards? Dunno. Need to call Erin/Stacey/Danny and see status.

Important Christmas gift was the Canon Digital Rebel XT 350. That was actually a gift to myself: my dad bought it as part of his rebate goals, but then packaged it up for me. He did, however, buy gifts of approximately equal value in accessories: a standard kit lens for it, 1GB highspeed SanDisk CompactFlash card, card reader, camera bag, lens filters, etc. So I am really pretty decked out in camera stuff, which is a nice way to be the day I get it. I took about 70 pictures yesterday: many of them were just testing shots which I then got rid of, but the rest of them (53) were uploaded to flickr as the Christmas 2005 Set.

Many of them are friends only, simply because they have other family members that I have no permission from to upload. If you're on Flickr, add me as a contact - I think you can do it from - and I'll add ya back.

One more day...

Julie reacted poorly to the skating rink to start, but warmed up to it and loved it by the end. Also went swimming with the kids for two hours when Mary's kids came over. 2 hours swimming, 2 hours skating while stressing about the glares from parents, 2 hours eating dinner with same glaring parents was quite stressful, and quite plainly, exhausting. But we made it through, and we survived, and Julie had a fun time for the last 45 minutes of the skating, and I enjoyed it (although I would have enjoyed it much more without the glaring parents).

Tomorrow's last day here. Need to go to DMV to get driver's record, then to parents for lunchish activities, and to mary's at some point too so the kids can see their cousins again. or cousins once removed. or whatever they are. Also need to see, in no particular order:

* Erin
* Danny
* Stacey
* Lindsay (if she gets back to me?)

Call me if we have no plans yet! I've been calling people and failing to get through, so more communication is good!
julianne in pjs

Julianne's Birthday Pics

Pictures from Julie's Birthday Party. We did skating at Funway, dinner at Baker's Square, and the cake is from the Kirk Road Jewel.

Alicia and Jess have both decided that skating is a great thing, and we're looking for a place in/around Boston to do it. I love roller skating, but less so blading or ice skating, so if someone knows a place that would accomodate that in the area (we do have a car, but would prefer not to drive) that would rock.

More pictures in the set for those logged in and listed as a contact.


Skating, unwrapping, playing at Julie's birthday.

32 photos

Photos are from
26 Dec 05.

Julie Julie Sits Julie Alicia Funway Funway Julie, Mary, Tiger, Drew Julie and Tiger! Dinner Dinner Dinner Cake Cake Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Alicia Eating Cake Julie Julie Julianne Unwrapping Jess helping Julie Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Reading Reading