December 10th, 2005


That's why I'm easy ...

Easy like Saturday morning.

Julie slept in Jess+my bed last night. I have no idea why, as I don't remember when she came into our bed, but it means that I couldn't chill out in bed this morning - not enough room. So, I'm downstairs, chilling out, and watching the very quiet world as it starts to wake up.

Snow yesterday was weird. There was an inch or two of snow, but then the snow started turning into sleet/rain. This actually made it so that most sidewalks were clear of snow if they'd been shovelled at all, or were melted to slush otherwise. I went out around 1/1:30, and at that point the rain started turning into hail. When I was walking back towards the house around 3pm, about 4 inches of snow were on the ground again, and traffic everywhere had pretty much ground to a halt.

How rain turned to sleet turned to hail turned to 4 inches of snow in two hours, I'm not quite sure, but it definitely made walking home more difficult.

Signed on for another 3 months with Ning. That job is so great for me, I hope they want to keep me forever. After this, all "real jobs" are going to suck :) I have been keeping an eye on what's in the area for when we do have to part ways, and I don't think getting a job will be too terrible - the tech field around here is good, and although I hope that I'd be able to make it on my own doing web development, I know that's pretty unlikely.

I'm thinking about learning Lisp.

Let it snow...

Or not. Just dealt to the best of my ability with snow in the front of the house - shoveled the walkway, alongside the cars (the ground is gravel, so there's still some snow there), and along the sidewalk. Also dug out the curb so that we can back out of the driveway without getting stuck. Hopefully a snowplow doesn't come along and destroy all my hard work.

Not all of it is clean to the ground, but the sun being out today seems to be turning a lot of it into water, so I'll probably wait until afternoon and sweep up the rest, which will have turned into water at that point, so we don't get ice. The biggest problem is that the people we share a driveway with went in and out 3 or 4 times yesterday, so they packed some of it down to ice, but i think that since I scraped the snow off the top of it, that'll probably turn to water today sometime.

Dishwasher is emptied, thanks to Alicia, so I need to fill that in a bit. I think that I need to start working on assigning her more specific tasks for cleaning up. I can tell her to empty the dishwasher or do a load of laundry and she does it well, but if I tell her to clean her room she typically goes and reads instead of doing even the simplest amount of cleaning. I can tell her to move a stack of laundry from her floor the the laundry room and it gets done, but if that same stack of laundry is there and I just tell her to clean, she won't.

Took some time with Julie today to have her clean up some of the hair ties that had gotten all over the living room. Having a laser pointer handy helped, but it is frustrating that she gets distracted in the five seconds it takes to pick something up and put it away. It makes me worry about her having ADD as severe as or more severe than her sister's, but there isn't much to be done about it at this point. It's hard to evaluate how distractable she may or may not be when she doesn't have the full range of speech yet. She's doing some additional therapy stuff - speech and physical - at school, so we'll see what they think.

I'm tired. And I hurt. I need to go finish cleaning the house though.