October 12th, 2005


Your Task

Should you choose to accept it... (Currently for US citizens only)

Sign up for Ning. http://www.ning.com/register.html?currentUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.ning.com%2f
Sign into Ning, after confirming your account (via email received)
Go to PeopleFinder. http://peoplefinder.ning.com/
Click Update location.
Type your address in, hit submit, and see if it works.

Some addresses work - 1628 Evergreen St., 60174 - while others that seem like they should, don't - 1628 Evergreen St., St. Charles, IL.

It uses Geocoder.us -- so you can try your address at http://geocoder.us/demo.cgi first.

Once you've done this, it will place a pointer on the map for you and add a link to the bottom: the general idea behind the app is that you can update your location from anywhere you can find an address (rather than requiring a GPS, thanks to Geocoder). I've built in token creation so you can associate even when not using a browser (ie, mobile phone). Half-written client already done for the phone - needs a Ning site update to work though.

Eventual goal: Be able to submit your current location, see others nearby, and get information about them.
Temporary Goal: Get it working, get some data in there to play with. Export the data (http://peoplefinder.ning.com/api.php?data=1) according to the MeNow specification (http://menow.org) to make it a test case for that type of tool that I never really finished.

To keep up with my current posting pattern, I need to post 5 entries today. Should I do it?
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