October 1st, 2005



Took the kids to the park yesterday afternoon. Was actually a lot more crowded than I thought it would be: This was cool because the parents all helped out. When kids were fighting, a parent stepped in, regardless of whose they were. When Julie wanted help getting on a swing, she got it, even if I was typing on the powerbook 100 feet away. When Julie wanted to push some kid in a little car around in circles, she got to.

This isn't something I've ever seen before: when I went to parks, the other parents stayed out of the way, and my mom had to take care of us: especially hard since at the time, she was typically watching somewhere between 5 to 8 kids.

Is this normal? Do most neighborhood parks have parents all over them helping out all the kids?

Alicia even got to help some lady who was playing tennis: she tossed balls to her to help her practice her swing. (I think she was a Brit of some kind: definite accent, but I don't have the experience to tell where.)