August 3rd, 2005


Beautiful Day

Dropped off the Jetta this morning for service, and walking home from the service center, I realized just how incredible the weather is today.

Talked a lot with Jess yesterday, and some with Kristan, both of which helped to clear up some misunderstandings, if nothing else. Every day, I love her more and more.

Attempted to recreate my website with a service/business oriented approach to the homepage. Worked to a certain extent, but still thinking I actually need a new design. The current one doesn't really demonstrate skills I have.

Found iSight. Be prepared for more camwhoring. Typically, I'll announce when it's on on #the_commune, Web Interface, too, for the IRC-faint-of-heart. (Note: Web interface does not work in safari.) This is a general channel, basically geared around anyone who is around The Commune and feels like hanging out with us. Usual traffic is about 12-15 people, 1-3 bots. It's a pretty nifty channel in general.

ETA: Since someone just tried it, I'll point out that this doesn't seem to work in the latest betas of MSIE 7.0. However, it can work in the latest Safari: first turn on the Debug menu (debug menu), then uncheck the http: simple protocol under supported protocols.

back to work now. <3s to all.