June 25th, 2005


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Meeting other people from the internet is pretty cool.

The Commune 2.0 has a location in Cambridge. I like it. It's 3 levels and pretty and has lots of trees.

Pezzy has been living with us for a week: it's worked out surprisingly well considering how cramped we are.

I have been packing since I woke up. This was not really all that long ago, since I was up late last night - first, getting the commune home from Boston, then chilling out with pezstar, acerbic and kingnixon while drinking alcohol.

I snuggled Jessie this morning. It was nice.

Yesterday, met bobert225, sherm and wayitgoes in Boston. We went to the Museum of Science, saw the Butterly Exhibit (which was very cool), and then to Durgen Park, which was interesting, although I wish we could have found somewhere quieter -- having more time to talk would have been nifty.

Chelsea was extremely nice, and hanging out with Sherm now is much more comfortable than it used to be. Last time I met him, I still thought LiveJournal employees were out to get me, rather than just lazy. Now I realize that that isn't the case, which makes conversations with him much easier. Bob is always fun to hang out with, too, and watching Pez/Kristna fawn over him was amusing.

I've updated the collection in Delicious Library on my computer to include 160 books, all of which are now packed into Boxes. I've starated pulling things out of our cabinets in the kitchen.

Commune Management

What do you do when you have 4 internet addicts living in a household and need to manage household tasks?

You create a LiveJournal community.

communistas is a community for management of commune activities. Membership is limited to those of us who live in the house, but if you're interested in participating in commune activities, you can add it to your friends list and watch entries as they go by.