June 6th, 2005


Looking for...

For the record:

* I am now officially on the job market. If you know someone who is looking for a geek/web monkey (more geeking and less HTML/design stuff is better, but if neccesary I will take less of it) especially in the Cambridge or Boston area, or someplace that will accept telecommuting, feel free to let me know. I'm still working on cleaning up my resume and so on, but my Formal Experience is outlined on my website. I would like to have two months notice, but may be able to bend that a little bit less if needed.

* Our previous apartment, which we thought we had in the bag, is in the process of falling through. The landlord has insisted on several clauses in the lease which are illegal in Massachusetts: things like a late fee after only 10 days, a cleaning fee, and the ability to increase the rent with 60 days notice. So, we are once again in the market for an apartment: our requirements are available in a Craigslist posting for those of you who might be landlords. (Okay, so none of you are landlords, but I'm still posting that here anyway.)

* I will be in San Francisco (specifically, Sunnyvale) from the evening of Thursday, June 9th through Sunday, June 12th. I have no idea how reliable internet will be: as always, the quickest way to get ahold of me is to send me email.

* Jessica is wonderful.

* So is Kristan.

* So are the kids.

* So is life.