June 20th, 2004


Recent Events

I need to do a lot more detailed posts on pretty much everything I'm going to touch on today, but this will cover as a quick rundown for those of you who are really looking for one.

I moved to New Hampshire. That should be old news, I'm not sure if it is. I'm living with Jess and the girls. The Army flaked out - they never sent orders, so we're here for the duration. (Thank goodness, and my best wishes to anyone who did get their orders.)

Until tonight, we were sharing her computer desk. Tonight, we spent two hours assembling one for me. It's quite nice, and I like having more space. It's well positioned so we're close enough together to be able to feel near each other, but far enough away that we don't get too much in each other's space (thus far).

I'm working. I got a job in 4 days flat - interviewed on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, and started working the next Monday. I'm making good money and the job just totally kicks ass in so many ways. The people are great, the hours are great, and the environment is fun. I got lucky as hell, and I think it's definitely an omen for me right now.

I'm not planning on going back to school. I've got a good job, and school really wasn't working out for me anyway. It's fine for some people, but I just can't get through the four year program. I need to take some time off, and do what I love, and that's what I'm doing right now. I'm with three of the best girls in the world, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

The girls, Alicia and Julie, are absolutely adorable. I'll work on getting some decent galleries together to show off their cuteness later. They've become my most common test subjects for sem-web data lately, so their cute faces are shown off to all my friends and FOAFs.

I got asked to be on the Program Committee for a W3C conference, details here. I accepted, and am now trying to decide if I'm going to be going or not.

I'm betatesting the new LiveJournal Photo Hosting service. There's a couple things I really wish were done differently, but I can see myself using it a lot - 50 megs of dependable storage is more than I have anywhere else. (Dependable being key there.)

I'm still a camwhore, and I'm converting the girls, I think.

There is absolutely no way in hell I'm going to be up at a decent hour tomorrow.

And now, I have a beautiful, magical, amazing, wonderful jpallan to snuggle. So all you have a good night. Sweet dreams. Etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and if you're interested in anything here, comment and I'll detail that in another post. If I feel like it. ;)


As a gainfully employed member of society, I have decided (with the help of Jess) that I need to consolidate my financial means into one source. Currently, I have money in a number of accounts across the country.

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I've wanted a Powerbook since about February. For a long time it was kind of an idle want. I was going to do some work on LJ stuff with Mark Smith, but he backed out on me after he got a job working for LiveJournal, so that source of income never appeared. As a result, my Powerbook-want has simply continued to increase as I become more and more enthralled with the idea of having a laptop, especially one so sleek as a 12" Powerbook.

With a new job, that want may actually be satisfied at some point in the near future.

Part of the reason I want to purchase a Powerbook is work related. We all use OSX (10.3.4 Server) at work, and being able to have hardware that can run the same software as at work is useful.

In addition to that, the machine I have at work is really slow. 16mb video, 384 RAM, and a 450MHz G4. I don't know a lot about Macs in general, but I do know that the Powerbook I want is a 1.33 GHz G4. Even just basing it off Mhz seems to indicate that there might be a slight speed difference there.

So, for work purposes, I'd be able to get used to the operating system I use, and have a faster machine. At work, I have a dual input monitor - and I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have the connectors to make the laptop go to the monitor. Even if we didn't, I bet I could get it paid for by the company as a work expense. I'm seeing a serious lack in productivity compared to my normal due to the fact that the computer is significantly slower.

Speaking from a more personal point of view, the Powerbook has a lot of toys I want to play with. The bluetooth support in OSX is way better than anything the PC has to offer (at least, that I've seen). Since my phone has bluetooth - indeed, it's the best way to interact with the phone - this is a nifty concept to me.

I've also wanted, for a long time, to have a computer that I can take with me almost anywhere. Being as small as it is, the 12" Powerbook fits this role pretty well. Add the unlimited internet I get with my cell plan, and I can get internet -at least to IRC with - just about anywhere. Quite nice for weekend getaways. ;)

I want a small computer which I can take anywhere so I can take it with me when I go other places. I like having a desktop most of the time, but occasionally I want something a bit more mobile. Between my personal wants and the ability to use it for work - plus, the whole idea of having a completely different architecture appeals to my geek sensibility.

I plan on buying a Powerbook, and I want it as soon as possible. Luckily, that's looking like it could be a reality in the near future.


For the first time in my three years of owning him, Peanut has a home.

Most of you don't know peanut. I've had him for almost three years, and he has served me quite well.

When I purchased him, at Aldi Foods in St. Charles, Illinois, it was an amazing deal. On the day after Thanksgiving, 2001, I purchased a 1.6Ghz P4 with 256 Meg of RAM and a GeForce Ti200 - the second best card on the market at the time. The computer was compact, and top of the line - and only 700 dollars, plus tax ($50.) That was basically my entire summer's pay, but it was well worth it - the computer has treated me wonderfully over the years.

He has lived under a variety of desks, suffering kicking, scuffing, and electrical shocks. He has lost 2 ethernet cards, and gained 240 GB of storage space. He has gained, and lost, a TV tuner card, used mostly to webcam in the past at higher quality.

He is currently host of bluetooth, Logitech Quickam, a Kodak CX4230, and an HP930c. He has suffered several keyboards, from wireless to wired, from qwerty to dvorak.

He has been tossed, turned, and twisted in every direction. He has been used, abused, and served out gigabytes upon gigabytes of content. He has been from Windows XP Home to Professional to Gentoo Linux. He has run under Knoppix for restoration, and acted as a repository for data for countless others.

He currently holds 300 movies, 20 gigs of music, and more than 4 gigabytes of pornography. He has served as a server and client. He has served to clients worldwide, and acts as my base of operations for mobile activities.

My trusted machine has never once complained. He has never once given up the ghost. Ranging up to 89 days of uptime, he has held on strong for all the needs. 2.5 years later, I still can't bring myself to buy a new computer - because there's no need. There is nothing that a newer computer would do that this one can't.

After all this, he finally has a home. A resting place. The Medion computer, first of its kind ever sold in the US, which I have been using non-stop for 2.5 years, can feel safe and protected.

Welcome home, Peanut. May you continue to Live Long, and Prosper.

peanuts homepeanuts home peanuts home