March 13th, 2004


Personal Publishing

<jorman> i never realized how amazingly huge blogs are until i came to sxsw today. it's every other word
<timh> jforman: just read "personal publishing" in place of blog and it becomes more understandable

So true. The term blog on the web has become an end all be all goal, when really, the term that jforman mentioned has much less of a "culture" behind it and a much more accurate description of what so called "blogging" really is. The term web log is in and of itself misleading or confusing. How can you log the web? It's gigantic, it's got so many different parts that no one can really keep track of all of it.

So, what is a "blog" by most people's estimation? It's a website where they write. Whether it be about themselves, about the world, about the internet, about technology, or something even more meta, like this piece, it's just a place to write. So, a blog is a place to write.

It's personal. It's about you, your life, your observations, your logging. No matter what you actually write about, it's written by you.

So, a "blog" is a way to publish your thoughts and words online. No expensive printing press, no email mailing lists, no newsletters, no nothing. It's a way to put your information out there, for other people to read, without needing any kind of advanced communication, without any costs, without any anything.

A blog is a personal publishing location. A place for you to put your information, whatever you write, online for others to read. Whether it be internet related, life related, or something else - it's a way to get your thoughts and words out to other people. That's what the whole "blogging" phenomenon is all about - letting people who want to be read by other people put their words out to them with no effort needed.

"Blog" is just a word, one that many people spit with distaste. Personal publishing is really what the entire movement is all about. and personally, I find that word so much less distasteful than calling my personal publishing outlet a "blog".