Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Thursday Evening

We arrived in Seattle on Thursday, July 24th. We navigated, via GPS, to the place where Melissa Della and Karl Koscher, our hosts, live. Eventually, with the help of some creative cell phone calling, we were able to find the proper apartment building and make our way up.

The first thing that happened was Karl pointing me out to my phone. I had had that shipped to Seattle. I played with that for a while, and then we finally decided that bringing computers up and getting some internet set up would be a good idea. Mark had brought his extra desktop along for me to use, so we would all be able to be online. We brought up the two backpacks containing the laptops - Janine's "markjanine", a nifty compaq that I'm typing on. Quite small, and fairly speedy, it's a slim machine that's quite portable. Not a great desktop replacement, but a very good travel companion if you need one.

Dern, Mark's laptop, is a beast. Only able to live for an hour without power, it's not exactly meant as a travel machine. Instead, it's a full powered AlienWare laptop. 3+ghz, half a gig of RAM, Radeon 9000 Graphics Card. A full powered gaming machine appopriate to Mark's way of doing things. Combined with the $300 TouchStream keyboard or a seperate ergo keyboard (Both of which mark brought with) it's a powerful machine for almost any use.

Legion is a 2.4 ghz machine that's great for a variety of things, including gaming and normal browsing. I spent many hours playing GTA3 on that machine, and they were hours well spent on such a gorgeous machine. Featuring such extras as a pressure sensitive light, clear case, and DVD-ROM drive, legion is a decent machine for anyone. Combined with an ergo keyboard, optical mouse and 17" flat screen, it was a joy to use.

Karl remembered after we arrived that although we had 5 machines, we only had 4 IP addresses for the 5 of us. This required some finagaling. In the end, Mark and Janine connected to the internet via the wireless connection, each with public IP addresses. Karl also connected, and provided NAT access for me, so we were both "", while Mark took homer and Janine took Mask's IP (I believe).

After we all got online, did a bit of friends page checking, and checked our mail, we decided it was time for food. Karl had been waiting for weeks to have a valid excuse to go to Red Robin, so that was my first food experience in Seattle - a burger joint at NorthGate Mall. The food was good, although after so many hours in the car, my stomach wasn't really up to eating all that much. Howevfer, we went, and it was enjoyable. We got in a friendly discussion about how exactly Melissa planned on getting a Bi-Plane hanging from the ceiling of the place to fit into her apartment.

This was my welcome to Seattle: NorthBound Traffic on I-5, meeting Melissa and Karl, setting up computers, and eating some good old fashioned Red Robin burger food. Next was the trip around downtown, part one.

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